Pussy Grabs Back!

Trigger Warning: This post is about Trump.

Because how can it not be about Trump? His ubiquitous presence is an all encompassing fog, as though he has secretly signed yet another fucking Executive Order for us all to pay attention him and only him. Although we can not afford to look away, can we?

It’s almost like I cannot escape— from social media to every day conversation— the absolute horror/indignation/frustration at the actions of the new POTUS aka King Orange Julius.


Art work by Mariel Marshall @MarielMarshall

There is a lot of darkness in the time of the Trump reign. I cannot deny the looming sense of dread and one can feel. How can we live in a time where the most vulnerable are being attacked? Why can’t we celebrate our differences? What is so wrong with women being in control of their bodies? Of transgender folks can carve their own identity? Why must black and brown bodies be the focus of attack and scrutiny? LGBTQ people needs equal rights. Period. How can we possibly justify painted millions of people with one broad brush?  Perhaps you might call me naive for asking such questions, and I do understand the historical and political entanglements involved, but a devolution of social progress is, in no uncertain terms, unacceptable to me. I also admit, it’s easy to drown in the Cimmerian shade of injustice that has permeated my worldview as of late.

There are moments where some levity to this worldview is granted, whether it’s seeing how The Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration is perhaps the biggest in US history, to seeing that “Pussy Grabs Back” has become a rallying cry for nasty women everywhere to respond to his Fuckullence’s comments about moving on ladies like a bitch, and then, there is this robot machine that just makes me laugh.

Joking Aside

I’m north of the border of the “United States of OMG Fuck, Seriously?!”, in Toronto, Canada and we have seen our own national troubles as of late. Within days of Trump’s Muslim ban— and it IS a Muslim ban— there was a fatal shooting Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec that left six dead and 19 wounded. The man charged with the crime Alexandre Bissonnett, according to several news outlets the, “27-year-old, who appears to have acted alone.” (Emphasis added).

Was he alone?

Can we say he was born from some isolated faction of society (consisting of only him) wherein his attitudes and ultimate acts of violence came like a lightening strike— as if out of nowhere? A mad man? A lone deranged and mangey wolf? Absolutely not. Is there a direct correlation between the fascist leader of the “free world” declaring an entire religious faction unequivocally as a danger? The line of logic does not go from A to B, but one cannot deny there is a link. Racism, xenophobia, and bigotry has been in Canada for a very long time, and it will continue to exist (perhaps it continues to exist in this case with yet AGAIN another white shooter characterized as “acting alone” in news coverage and yet when coverage of brown of black perpetrators are immediately branded and held in suspicion of having “connections to terrorism”). But one cannot contextualize this act of violence without the thunder clap of racist bullshit coming up from our giant to the south that radiates a frequency ready to capitalize on fear, motivate suspicious instead of understanding, and trigger violence.

This is fucking NOT okay.

Grabbing Back


Art work by Mariel Marshall @MarielMarshall

So what am I going to do about this. Me—specifically— with my one voice and one body. How can I make a difference from where I stand? Is anyone else feeling this way too? Kind of angry and lost and small?

I’ve made first baby steps and promises.

I wrote to my MP because I am deeply concerned about the recent US travel ban, including both its impact on Canadians and immigrants and refugees worldwide. Canada has an obligation in these matters. I have not gotten a response, so I will write again. It took like ten minutes outta my day.

Everyday I will try even harder to be woke, because there is always going to be something I need to wake up to. I will listen, read, observe in all my capacity to ensure my feminism is intersectional, not just because I can, but because I must.

I will use my voice, go to the marches while being conscious of my identity and what I represent, make the signs, share the posts, inform myself, and try to align myself with others so I am not just counted as one, but one of many.

I do think that America is a beautiful country filled with some really spectacular folks, but for the time being I will not be travelling there any time soon. Not because I am afraid, but because– and perhaps this is misguided or foolhardy– but if Trump is going to build a wall and make a ban, I am staying away until these exclusionary and discriminatory practices and proposals are eradicated. 

These are preliminary actions and I’m certain there are many more   This pussy is going to flex her politically minded kegels to grasp at some sense of action.

Will you join me?