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Season Two of Unladylike shorts shorts ROOMIES is up! Check out the latest videos, bios, and more below! And remember… SUBSCRIBE!


Who would you rather?


Some dates are bad, others are just cheesy.

What is “dabbin;?” and do we dare?

Can Susan ever quit smoking?

Unladylike shorts shorts gets musical! Check out the latest video “TINDERGIRL”





Unladylike short shorts presents the new web series ROOMIES, following the lives of two young women sharing an apartment in the city. The show is centered on their friendship, relationships, and intimate moments. Conceived by Melody Schaal and Susan Stover.

Watch the entire first season below!



Had your chance to watch the first season? Here are some Outtakes, Bloopers, and some special thank yous. Thanks for watching.






Melody Schaal

Torontonian Melody Schaal is an actor/writer/producer. She has worked in both theatre and film, mostly recently producing her short film “Reach Out” and is in pre-production on her next short “Wash. Rinse. Repeat.”. She is very excited to be working on Unladylike. She isn’t that girl – she’s an unlady. Twitter: @melodidus



Susan Stover

Susan is a writer and sometimes performer. She’s the voice that brings you the Unladylike blog–constantly investigating what it means to be an “unlady”. She has a penchant for puns, a hard time minding her own business, and eats cheese with what can only be described as “wild abandon”. Twitter: @susan_maryrose


*Spectacular images created by http://www.samanthahurleyimaging.com

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